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Tue Aug 3 16:12:18 CEST 2010

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Fuck Avatar, this is the Summer of Skateboarding.3D

Carhartt presents
Sebastian Denz Skateboarding.3D
Burggase 24
August 7th, 18:30
[image: 7332.jpg]

Ever since James Cameron released Avatar it seems like 3D is all we are
hearing about these days, The Last Airbender, Alice in Wonderland, even the
World Cup!. Well Im pleased to announce our latest show is in old school 3D.
None of that stylish fake rayban shit, I'm talking about the blue and red
paper glasses, the kind your grandparents used to wear to the terrifying
B-movies. With the help of Carhartt, Sebastian Denz traveled the world
photographing some of the top skateboarders on the Carhartt team, including
Giorgio Zattoni, Julian Dykmans, Gabriel Engelke, Julian Furones, David
Couliau, Joseph Biais, Scott Bourne, Jan Kliewer, Hugo Liard, Christoph
Merkt, Benjamin The, Patrick Munz, David Martelleur, Ferit Batir, Jerome
Campbell, Stephen Roe, Olly Todd, Matt Grabowski, Pontus Alv and Daniel
Hakansson. These photos were taken on a specially developed unique 8 × 10
inch large-format-stereo-camera and compiled in an amazing book.

“SKATEBOARDING.3D is about space in a phenomenological sense and about human
beings creating their own construction of reality within these spaces. With
the example of skateboarding-culture I bring up for discussion a ´hybrid
space´ that is somewhere in between virtual and ´real´ – a ´postvirtual
space´ (…) I’m talking about an expanded understanding of space, about
lived, vibrant spaces that are loaded with many different qualities.
Skateboarders take architecture and the experiential environment surrounding
them and, through their social practices, they adapt it, use it for other
purposes than for what it was originally intended, actually constituting the
space, as well."

[image: 3D_Expo_Poster_Wien_small.jpg]

Both the book and Prints will be on display along with countless pairs of 3D
glasses for your viewing enjoyment.

After tearing it up at the parks all day get re-hydrated this Saturday,
August 7th with free drinks from Carhartt, starting at 18:30h.

Nathalie & 401RUSH

If you don't want to be on this email list anymore, just let us know.

Gallery and Specialty Items Shop
Burggasse 24
a-1070 Vienna, Austria


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