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Son Dez 11 11:39:39 CET 2005


International symposium and Festival for self-organised cultural forms on the occasion of the start up of the new
Viennese support model for net cultures

Sun, Dec 11th - Tue, Dec, 13th 2005

The central piece of the new Viennese support model for net cultures starting 2006 is the yearly grant of 250 000 € -
with the help of a software based assessment process. The goal of the symposium "Parliaments of Art" is to work out the
conceptual basis of this new democratic project. "Parliaments of Art" will deal with the material as well as the
symbolic dimension of the "art of networking" and the production of new collaborative knowledge - ideas, images,
emotions and relationships. The software based curator system Mana offers the collective and individual enviroment of
action. How is the thinking and doing provided by such a matrix? What as defined as action, what is visible, what is
affective? Who or what should be defined as being active? Is it possible to have such a "Parliament of Art"?

Richard Barbrook (UK), Sabeth Buchmann (A/D), Karel Dudesek (A/UK), Richard Fajnor (CZ/SK), Tom Fürstner (A), Johannes
Gees (CH), Mike Hentz (US/CH), Margarete Jahrmann (A/CH), Vladimir Jeric (SCG), Marko Kosnik (D/SLO), Jacob Lillemose
(DK), Christopher Müller (D), Jasia Reichardt (UK), Mirko T. Schäfer (NL/D), Harvey Stanic (D/NL), Nina Stuhldreher (A),
Albena Yaneva (A)


Sun, Dec. 11th 2005 - 19.00h

19:30h Keynotes
- Jasia Reichardt, London UK: Before and after Cybernetic Serendipity (ICA, London 1968)
- Richard Barbrook, London UK: Imaginary Futures. From thinking machines to intergalactic networks

21:00h Discussion:
Parliaments of Art – Which Past should have our Future? Early Perspectives on a Public Experiment in Vienna

with Richard Barbrook, Karel Dudesek, Margarete Jahrmann, Marko Kosnik, Jasia Reichardt
Moderation: Andreas Leo Findeisen, Stefan Lutschinger


CONTACT: Stefan Lutschinger, t: +43 699 11148508, mailto:s.lutschinger at digitaldrafts.at

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